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 A book entitled "Patent Specification" relating to Intellectual Property Law written by Asst. Prof. Raj Kumar Suwal was formally released on 4th March, 2009 at Kathmandu School of Law. The book was released by Professor-Incharge Prof. Madhav Prasad Acharya in presence of Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula, faculty, staff and students of KSL. 

The book provides overall scenario of patent specification including Nepalese and Indian perspective. The book mainly deals with basic concepts of the patent specification by giving brief indication on the subject, its role and identification and its types. It also gives the relation of specification with the basic concepts of patent system in intellectual property jurisprudence. The Author has tried to analyze national legal form of structure and practice with other extra territorial legal provisions. The book also discusses on several relative aspect of formation of specification giving specific emphasis in several major aspects of specification and the patent practice, general interpretation of specification etc.

Intellectual property jurisprudence in nutshell secures individual creator as well as whole public by keeping balance between the encountering interests of these couple of parties. The patent as one of the major branch of intellectual property jurisprudence disseminates the knowledge as it discloses the brainchild in its application in the form of specification. Patent system provides commodity to one's brainchild by the grant of monopoly right for limited period. The book attempts to provide reasonable informative conception on subject and tries to fill the limited vacuum in the field of patent practice in intellectual property jurisprudence.

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